Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Certified Sustainable" Seafood?

A great article on what could be misleading to consumers.

Take Part explains the misnomer behind the Marine Stewardship Council's Certified Sustainable label.

Here are the steps one can pledge to be healthier and ensure one is truly purchasing and eating what is sustainable. Sign up at Take Part to take the pledge!

I pledge to take the following steps to learn about sustainable seafood, and to make smart, healthy choices for my own diet:

  1. Follow the Monterey Bay Aquarium's guidelines for selecting and consuming seafood products.
  2. Learn from the NRDC's Sustainable Seafood Guide to know how to shop for fish and understand the difference between farmed and wild catches.
  3. Look for the Seafood For The Future logo at restaurants to ensure that your meal has been sourced sustainably.
  4. If you're a business owner or restauranteur looking to source sustainable seafood, connect with suppliers through
  5. Make sure seafood products you buy at the store feature the Marine Stewardship Council logo.
  6. Browse through TakePart's list of Tastemakers, 100 food-focused businesses dedicated to local, sustainable, organic, humane and unprocessed foods.

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